We provide assistance with shopping across the individual/family health insurance options available in Western Washington State.  We also offer alternative healthcare options for specific needs.  Our services are free, you pay the same premium whether you use our services or not.  Utilize our expertise to help you find the right coverage for you and your family!

Need immediate assistance?  If you are happy with your current plan, but would like to utilize our free services, please contact us to complete a simple form allowing us to assist you throughout the year!

WA Healthplanfinder (Exchange or Marketplace)

What does that mean? Enroll through the Exchange and you may qualify for free or low premium health plans based on your household income & size.

Direct with Carrier (Non-Exchange)

What does that mean? Purchase qualified health plans directly from the health insurance carrier. (Federal subsidies or tax credits not available).

Bill Sharing Christian Ministry

What does that mean? Healthcare sharing for Christians to help pay each other's medical bills. (Federal subsidies or tax credits not available).

Preventive & Wellness Care Coverage

What does that mean? Provides preventive care, office visits, and RX coverage only.  (Federal subsidies or tax credits not available).

Medical Indemnity Benefit Plan

What does that mean? When an injury/illness occurs, it provides specific benefit amounts to help pay out of pocket costs associated with getting medical care. (Federal subsidies or tax credits not available).

Short Term Medical

What does that mean? When a life change leaves you between QHP coverages, this solution provides temporary, non-qualified health plan coverage for the 'just in case' situation.

Foreign Travel Insurance

What does that mean? If you are traveling outside of the US, it may be necessary to purchase a foreign medical plan.