1.  What do we do?

We offer assistance and customer service to businesses, individuals, families and seniors with finding and maintaining quality insurance coverage that meet their specific needs in Western Washington State.  Our goal is to provide peace of mind and reduce financial burdens for our clients, allowing them to focus on living life rather than experiencing the burden of monetary issues. We do this by offering affordable plans that best fit the needs of our clients and provide the desired coverage to help them with expenses arising from everyday life.

2. I am interested in working with BSP.  How do I get started?

The only thing you need to do is to contact us.  Our friendly staff will help navigate your needs with you and provide options to choose from.  

3. How much will it cost for your services?

Our services are free.  We are paid by the insurance companies to assist people, so we don’t have to charge any broker fees.  

4. Where do the quotes come from?

We shop all of the major carriers offered in the state, along with some unique vendors to provide the most competitive quotes and products on the market for Washington State.

5. How much will insurance cost me?

That depends how much coverage you need.  There are many different insurance products, levels of coverage, uses and funding schedules.  The best way to know cost is to contact us for a free consultation so that we may find the perfect customized plan for you!