Why BSP?

Our motto, “When you become a client of BSP, you become part of our family” is not just for our clients, it extends to our staff as well!  Our culture allows acceptance of one’s unique talents and skills and the ability to continually learn and grow professionally.  As our motto implies, we are an agency that puts client relationships first!  We provide top-rated, award-winning customer service with every client.  If you would like to be a part of our exciting, service-based agency, please apply with us today!

“The owner is extremely helpful in creating and helping employees attain set goals. His knowledge of health insurance is Par Excellence. He is readily available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. His ability to educate the client as well as the team members in all facets of the health insurance market is award-winning.”

“Employees work together to help better the business. They do a great job of livening up the office to make you feel at home. The owner does everything he can to help you succeed at your position and will help you in any way he can. He is there to help you succeed and grow in your career.”

“I have worked here for over 2 years, and plan on many more. I’ve been provided training and continual certification at no cost to me to ensure I can excel at my position’s responsibilities and provided opportunities for growth. I have also enjoyed the flexibility in my work schedule, so I am able to meet family obligations. The work environment is one where you can learn and grow and thrive if you have a great work ethic and are honest and caring with the individuals we are honored to assist. The office is professional, but also friendly and supportive, where open respectful communication is encouraged and where opportunities for growth are at your fingertips if you put in the effort to achieve them. Each employee plays a part in the work environment and here, we aspire to create a supportive, friendly, enjoyable place to work, where we get to help amazing clients.”


Our team conducts semi-annual reviews to provide an opportunity to provide feedback, encourage and recognize strengths, discuss positive, purposeful approaches for meeting goals, and provide an annual income review. Our income review process includes a 5-star rating review of different categories that makes our team successful and strong. With high star ratings come high star raises, incentives, and bonuses! Learn more about this unique program when you apply with us!

Holiday Pay

Full-time employees receive many national holidays off with full pay.

Paid Sick Leave

Employees accrue paid sick leave, which can be carried over to the following year if not used.

Paid Vacation Accrual

Full-time employees accrue paid vacation time, which can carry over to the next year if not used.

Remote Work Opportunities

Our office has the ability to work remotely or from the office, depending on the circumstances.

Paid Training

We encourage employees to further develop their skills and provide continual on-the-job training.

Bonuses & Incentives

For a job well done, we provide bonuses and incentives to continue the good work!


Customer Care/Office Administrator
Insurance Advisors
Independent Contracted Agents